Oakley and Pittsburg Civic Centers, including Richard Arnason Courthouse

3231 Main St., Oakley Map

Pittsburg City Hall, 65 Civic Ave., Pittsburg (Map), and adjacent Richard E. Arnason Justice Center, Railroad Avenue and Center Drive, Pittsburg. Map

Above: In Oakley, in far east Contra Costa County, runoff from parking at the new city hall flows to a large open area with swales and bioretention ponds as well as picnic areas and large oak trees.

Below: At Pittsburg’s city hall, runoff from parking flows to swales and rain gardens (bioretention areas) with dense, drought-tolerant landscaping that is colorful even in winter.

Pittsburg City Hall parking-lot swale

Parking lot runoff flows to colorful landscaping.

Below: At Richard E. Arrnason Justice Center (Superior Court courthouse), adjacent to Pittsburg’s City Hall, native redwoods will eventually dominate. Runoff from the building is piped to large bioretention areas equipped with raised drains to prevent flooding.

Rain Garden, Richard A. Arnason Justice Center, Pittsburg

Below left: Baffles in parking-lot swales slow flow, lessening erosion and encouraging water to soak in. Raised drain at low end of swale takes high flows to storm-drain system, preventing flooding.

Below right: Cobbles at pipe outlets prevent erosion. Bottom right: Another rain garden at the Pittsburg courthouse. Click an image to enlarge it.

Swale with raised drain and bafflesBuilding-runoff drains at Pittsburg courthouseRain garden with young redwoods, Pittsburg courthouse