School Projects

Fremont Christian School, 4760 Thornton Ave., Fremont. Map.
San Leandro High School, 2200 Bancroft (photos from 138th and E. 14th Street), San Leandro. Map.

Runoff flows to landscaping, Fremont Christian School
At Fremont Christian School’s secondary-school building, opened January 2011, runoff flows to landscaped areas that serve as flow-through planters.
Roof runoff flows to planter beds, Fremont Christian School
Runoff flows to landscaping at Fremont Christian School
Runoff flows to planter, Fremont Christian School
Below: At San Leandro High School, some runoff flows to landscaping, and a roof keeps rain from flowing through trash containers (right).
Small swale and roofed trash, San Leandro High SchoolRunoff to landscaping, San Leandro High School