Modular Green Roofs: Windrush School, El Cerrito; Age Song, Emeryville

Windrush School, 1800 Elm St., El Cerrito Map
Age Song Senior Housing, 1440 40th, Emeryville, CA Map

At private Windrush School, a new, energy-efficient building is roofed with plants to catch runoff and solar panels to capture energy. The school’s oldest building, a historic landmark, rear, was built as a Chinese orphanage.

Left, modular construction — plants in removable trays — make for easy repairs to the roof membrane. Drains prevent floods or too much weight of water on the roof.
Below, seen from roof: Runoff from the new building and adjacent plazas and an older building is slowed and treated in a large flow-through planted area. Click for larger image.

Below, click for larger views of planted area used to treat runoff and slow peak flows. Rocks at rear prevent erosion; drain prevents flooding. Underdrains take heavy flows to storm drains.

Below: Age Song Senior Housing in Emeryville also has a modular green roof, with plants in trays. These roofs generally are not suitable for public access, but can have cost advantages.
Age Song, Emeryville, "modular" green roof with plants in trays
Photo courtesy of City of Emeryville.