This website is being developed by Friends of Five Creeks, an all-volunteer creek- and watershed-restoration group working in North Berkeley, Albany, Kensington, and south El Cerrito and Richmond, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, CA, USA.

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National and Other Regions Illustrated blog on Pacific Northwest projects.

Center for Watershed Protection: Stormwater Management, Post-Construction Guidance Manual and Tools, downloadable as entire document or separate chapters. Variety other guidance manuals and technical tools developed with US EPA support downloadable at this site.

Local Ecologist blog: Georgia Silvera Seaman’s very interesting local (East Bay) observations, with links to get you started in the world of blogging on sustainability and urban design,

Local Government Environmental Assistance Network: Land Use Impacts on Water Quality. Easy-to-use models showing changes to groundwater recharge, runoff, and nonpoint source pollution resulting from past or proposed development.

Low Impact Development Center., Inc.: Low Impact Development (LID) Urban Design Tools Website: Site developed with US EPA assistance, showing design techniques, examples, tools and techniques for protecting aquatic resources in urban retrofits, redevelopment projects, and new development.

Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership: Lower Columbia River Field Guide to Water Quality Friendly Development. Excellent guide to techniques and examples from the Portland, Oregon area.

Bay Area:

Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Assn. (BASMAA), 1999: Start at the Source, Design Guidance Manual for Water Quality Protection.

Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Assn. (BASMAA), 2003: Using Start at the Source: Using Site Design Techniques to Meet Development Standards for Water Quality. Companion to Start at the Source, updated for more recent regulations. ttp://

Bay Area Hydrology Model, The Bay Area Hydrology Model (BAHM), tool for analyzing the potential hydrograph modification effects of land development projects and sizing structural solutions to mitigate their increased stormwater runoff, developed for Alameda, San Mateo, and Santa Clara Counties,

Alameda County examples with technical information and lessons learned, information: Information and resources for planners, developers, and builders in Alameda County (but generally applicable) including both during and after construction. and model maintenance plans. Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program, 2005: New Development and Redevelopment,

North Bay examples with technical information and lessons learned, other information parallel to Alameda County document: Developments Protecting Water Quality in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area: Guidebook of Post Construction Stormwater Best Management Practices in Action.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission web info on runoff, with photos of projects elsewhere and excellent diagrams of how urbanization changes runoff.

Santa Clara Valley examples with technical information and lessons learned: Developments Protecting Water Quality, a Guidebook of Site Design Examples. Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program, 2007. Sant

Specific industries and techniques (Best Management Practices, BMPs)
Greenroof Industry portal (The Cardinal Group):
Smart Growth website: Smart Growth Online (transit-oriented, energy-efficient dense development and urban infill for sustainable cities):