Livermore offices and industry

Olsen’s Automotive Repair, 6411 Brisa St., Livermore Map
Shea Center, Gateway Ave. & Shea Center Dr., Livermore Map
FormFactor headquarters, 7005 South Front Rd., Livermore Map

Landscaped cobble swale edges Olsons Automotive buildingA cobble-lined swale edges a Livermore car-repair shop. Below, the swale extends to catch runoff from the roof and from the parking lot of the adjacent building. Runoff from the driveway flows directly to a drain.
The swale treats runoff from the roof but not the driveway.The swale also treats parking for the office building next door.

New requirements for treating parking-lot runoff are bringing bits of green and shade to the asphalt corridor edging I-580 in Livermore.

Above and left, Shea Center swales, curbless and flush with paving, are irrigated with reclaimed water.

Below, Form Factor has trees and light standards edging swales to avoid erosion.

Left, Form Factor roof drains to landscaping. (Click image to enlarge.)